The Distinction: that “Holy Grail” CXC grade that has you clocking 10 hours of lessons a week. Your teachers say they’re training you for it. Your parents are making you stay home every weekend to study for it.

But what if we were to tell you the CXC Grade I Distinction was about as real as Westeros?

Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) officials have gone on record to debunk the Distinction as nothing more than a complete fabrication. As far as your examination marks go, all Grade I scores are created equal — even if you score all A’s for your profile grades per the Council’s six-point grading scheme.

Check out this release from the Government of Montserrat on how the Grade I Distinction myth was born, and why it’s total hogwash. Then revel in being the first one in your study group to have the lowdown.

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