Cosplay, a combination of the words costume and play, is a pastime where fans dress up as their favorite characters from video games, movies, anime and comics. You may ask yourself “what’s so fascinating about dressing up as these characters”? For cosplayers it’s a way of expressing themselves as well as their love for particular anime, manga or video game fandoms, as well as it being a way for them to escape reality and enter into the world of these characters.


  • RBL Decibel Day 3

Since cosplay has become really popular locally, RBL Decibel teamed up with Alias Entertainment Expo team for a full day of cosplay shenanigans. Not only did the Alias team come out in full costume each day to promote their event, they also roamed the expo throughout the weekend making kids’ and teens’ dreams come true by giving them the chance to take photos with the likes of Wonder Woman, Harley Quin and Link and setting the tone for what to expect from the expo on day 3.


The Decibel cosplay competition boasted an incredibly cool grand prize – a $20,000 two-week scholarship to Cinema Makeup School (CMS) in Los Angeles from July 30th – August 11th, 2017 along with airfare and accommodation provided for the cosplayer with the most creative and well-built costume.


(Apphia Pereira, the winner of RBL Decibel 2017 Cosplay Competition.)



  • International Cosplay Festivals and Expos

While cosplay is just picking up steam in the Caribbean, it has long been a full-fledged experience around the world, with festival and expos spanning across weekends solely dedicated to cosplay:



Katsucon is an annual 3-day fan convention, which acts as an educational organization dedicated to bringing information about Japanese animation, society, and traditional and popular culture.



Otakon is an annual celebration of Asian pop culture (anime, manga, music, movies, video games, etc.) and its fandom! 29,113 attended Otakon to see their favorite voice actors, celebrity cosplayers, and anime voice cast announcements



San Diego Comic Con & New York Comic Conor are the craziest and most brilliant cosplayers gather. 167,000 to 180,000 people attended this 4-day events with hope of encountering celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Jessica Alba, and Tom Hiddleston.


Local Cosplay is picking up steam!!

ALIAS Entertainment Expo

Alias Entertainment Expo is a three-day multi-genre convention held in Trinidad and Tobago. Each year features an exciting new theme to kick the con off right. This year the Alias team will take attendees on a post-apocalyptic voyage, meshing the concept of a sci-fi theme park with a comic convention, thus creating a one of kind experience locally.

Alias is a three-day event which consists of:

Day 1: Cosplay Parade & Opening Ceremony, which takes place throughout the city of Port of Spain

Day 2 & 3: Main Expo Day.


This year, the expo features two heavy hitters in the Cosplay and Anime world.

Cosplay Legend Yaya Han

Yaya is one of the most well-known cosplayers in the world, with over 500,000 Instagram followers and over 2 million on Facebook.


Richard Hayworth (Kenshin Himura)

Richard Hayworth is arguably best known for his portrayal of Kenshin Himura from the anime adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin. Additionally, Richard is also known for his performances as Izumo Kamizuki from the popular Naruto series and Legato Bluesummers from Trigun.


Ok RS Teens! How did you enjoy the 3rd day of RBL Decibel, did you cosplay or support a friend who took part in the competition? Also let us know in the comments how 2018 Cosplay Competition can be better!


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