This year may mark a turning point for Decibel, the annual conference and expo powered by Republic Bank that brings together the biggest names in film, fashion, music and dance.

There have been changes to the format.

They’ve cut the conference to one day instead of the usual two.

So the expo now runs on the Friday and Saturday following the Apr 28 opening.

For teens pursuing creative careers there’s a lot to see and learn over those three boisterous days.

But Decibel is still the kind of show where one might grab a selfie with a local celebrity, score inspiration from a Teen Wolf star or rub shoulders with a real-life superhero.

That’s why you need to be there.

As much as you’re always down for a movie or party or beach lime, we’re guessing every now and then you want something different.

Well, here’s something different in local entertainment, a rundown of Decibel attractions you can’t afford to miss.

Get Ready For #GamersRepublic

Just wait till you’re transfixed by the talent of some of the country’s most avid gamers. The fact that this booth is run by the Gamers Association of Trinidad and Tobago should tell you, yeah, it’s going to be nothing short of epic gameplay.

“There’ll be a dedicated gaming zone for the entire event,” says Karen Mc Sween, marketing manager of customer engagement at Republic Bank.

GATT founder Nigel Bellamy confirmed that players will duke it out in the ultimate gaming showdown: Street Fighter V, Dance Central Spotlight, FIFA 16, Super Smash Brothers and more.

New to gaming?

“Then come for the casual play opportunities,” says Bellamy. “You might win something and you’ll definitely have fun.”

Talking about casual play, look out for us tomorrow at Movietowne, Port-of-Spain from around 3 p.m.

This Is Better Than Selfies

We’ve all got Instagram but the Republic Bank photo booth at Decibel is more like Instaglam.

It’s where you’ll get snap-happy photos with friends minus the selfie stick.

Maybe you guys go for a retro look. Or maybe we capture you doing something silly aka having a typical day.

Get your beautiful selves in front the camera and watch people click that “Like” button.

Zombie Island Is Back And Scarier Than Ever

Imagine you come upon a house in the middle of nowhere and you see the words “HELP ME,” scrawled in blood outside a broken upstairs window, the stench of fear everywhere.

Do you push the barely-open door and peer in?

Apart from sheer curiosity, no one knows for sure what makes teenagers venture inside such a place.

But once they do someone — or something — slams the door shut behind them.

Few make it out with their wits about them.

One girl, her face gripped by fright, emerged from the haunted house last year shaking. Clutching her hands against her jeans, she retched in the Queen’s Hall courtyard and swore she’d never go back.

Rumour has it the zombies that got her return this month hungrier than ever for Decibel souls.

Conquer your fear at “Zombie Island Asylum” or let out your most desperate screams — once you go in nobody can help you.

Except — maybe — Darcy Oake, the magician from Winnipeg.

There’ll Be Spellbinding Magic Shows

A massive artistic extravaganza like Decibel leaves room for surprises and Oake is set to deliver the biggest surprise of them all.

At 27, he’s both sleight-of-hand ilk and master of escape.darcy_decibel_web2

Out of nothing, doves flutter onto the stage. Cards, shuffled this way and that, manipulate the mind. Your QRC boyfriend, eager to volunteer, levitates (though he swore he’ll never leave your side). And Oake avoids certain death in some elaborately contrived trap.

Three shows, two nights.

You’ll pay to get in — Oake is so good even your money disappears — but expect to be floored by this Canadian illusionist.

The Ultimate In Interactive Entertainment

Guys, for three days only Queen’s Hall plays host to entertainment’s finest in one dramatically fun, interactive experience.

This year the shows run well into the night but there’s no compromise where security is concerned.

Gaming, zombies, mind-bending illusion and the snazziest photo booth anywhere.

Can you really afford to miss this? Nah, we don’t think you can. We don’t think you want to.