As if interactive panel discussions with industry experts in the same room with the world’s coolest secondary school students weren’t enough, Decibel 2015 added the ultimate “cool factor”— augmented reality technology. Keep reading if you have no room in your future for an average career.

Whether it’s music, film, dance or fashion, if you have ever considered a career in animation, your dream job could require the in-demand skills of augmented reality (AR). What I am trying to say, BAE, is that you do not want to miss this special event on May 2 at Queen’s Hall. Yes, I mean tomorrow.

First, a little about augmented reality. This technology fuses the real world and the virtual world by overlapping digital information onto analogue life.

For example, an app might bring to life different exhibits at the Emperor Valley Zoo. Point your phone at that Bengal tiger and find out what it feels like to be dinner — assuming they configure the tech to display a charging feline trying to bite your head off, of course.

Scary metaphors aside, AR technology is virtually (pun intended) poised to impact every job in the future. Doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in.

A surgeon, for example, might use the technology to pinpoint trouble within your body.

And you’ve seen this tech before, actually. Right here in Trini. Remember the cool life-sized paintings they put up around the Queen’s Park Savannah for Carnival last year? That was art and technology coming together with the help of AR.

So let’s talk about the number one reason you NEED to be there tomorrow.

You Will Meet Industry Pros

The people skilled in the AR / animation world will be there. This is your opportunity to ask questions that can shape your future. Aside from 3D-modelling and web programming concepts, what other skills does one need to acquire to get into the AR world? What are the best educational pursuits to enter this field? And, how can you enhance your CV to get the attention of an AR company looking to hire young talent? This is a rare opportunity to talk one-on-one with the people who are making the future happen!

Fashion is one area specifically where AR will be a complete game-changer. Giving shoppers the ability to “try on” clothes before they buy them will help take online shopping to the next level.

And there’s gaming and filmmaking where AR is set to bring entire industries to life right before your eyes.

This time tomorrow Republic Bank’s Interactive Lounge at Decibel will come to life when architectural visualisations, broadcast media, motion graphics, animation and AR collide. In fact, the whole AR experience is designed around Decibel’s top four: music, film, fashion and dance. It will blow your mind!

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for you and hey, if you’re coming through these doors you better come prepared. In other words, download this Junaio app now.

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