If you’re drowning in a sea of past papers, fear not — the Caribbean Examinations Council has just decided to make your life a little easier.

CXC has partnered with global publishing powerhouse Macmillan Publishers Limited to open CXC Store: the official online resource where you can access all CXC exam material — like past papers and syllabuses.

If you’re used to paying for past exam papers, the CXC Store website has a huge library of   them available for purchase. And if you’re looking for freebies, there’s also tons of free material — meaning you don’t have to pay a red cent to download CSEC and CAPE syllabuses, specimen papers, mark schemes and subject reports.

You can also choose from three different subscription packages: a full 2-year package for US $34.99, a 1-year subscription for US $24.99, or a 30-day run for US $9.99 if you just want to try things out.

If you really want the convenience of a fully digital CXC experience, CXC Store is a great complement to NotesMaster —  a free e-learning resource for you to access, save, share, and even print class notes if you need a break from staring at your screen.

This is great if you want to just hop on your laptop or iPad and pull up all the key information on the go, instead of lugging around a ton of books and papers. It also makes it easier for you to share — great for those all-night study sessions you’ve been pulling at the UWI campus.

Sign up for CXC Store here, and get started with your online exam prep experience.

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