1. For starters, Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden will be there to sign autographs, which means you get to scream. You know, like a real fan? P.S. We got passes for the up-close-and-personal “Meet ‘n Greet” with the stars. Who’s in?




2. In simple terms, Fandom is where we bring the party to you.



3. So there’s gonna be a whole lot of dancing. Like, seriously.




4. In fact, the big dance showcase “Hit Da Floor” happens on the Fandom stage and it’s hosted by none other than Bourne Legacy and The Perfect Match actor Rob Riley along with Megan Batoon from Step Up Revolution. Bet you didn’t know Rob’s mother is a Trini?

Rob Riley stars at Decibel



5. Did we mention round-the-clock local entertainment?




6. And epic gaming? You don’t want to miss this.



7. And of course, it won’t be Fandom if a superhero didn’t stop by, so look out for Captain T&T.

Captain T&T Decibel

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