The truth is, days, weeks, months and even years of hard work and dedication come down to a few minutes that really count. They call these minutes exams (yes, you might have heard the term before, LOL) and they can be difficult to navigate for some. Though exams are a common part of life – one  that everyone learns to expect – they can be huge physical and emotional challenges that require some preparation. Use these tips as a guide to set yourself up for examination success.




Make a routine for yourself, detailing everything you need to do from the time you switch off your wake up alarm to the time you hand in your exam paper. Be specific about times to ensure you stay on schedule. The last thing you want to do is show up late.




Get an early start that allows you ample time to have a refreshing shower, get in proper meals and clear your mind. Most importantly, you want to ensure you leave enough time to get to the exam location with at least an hour to spare, so you’re not unsettled from a long or eventful commute. Remember, unexpected things happen. Leave a little wiggle room.




Exam day is not the day to enjoy your aunty’s spicy chili or try a new roti shop. Keep it simple and safe. Stay hydrated. Avoid foods that can cause gas or indigestion. What you don’t want is a disturbance in your force causing you to spend valuable exam minutes in discomfort or hustling to and from the restroom.




Make a checklist of all the things you need to carry with you to the exam. This includes calculators, stationery, student passes or IDs, fees if required, transportation money; basically everything you need to get behind that exam paper. The last thing to do before you walk out the door is run through your checklist.




On exam day, you want to be calm and clear. Avoid arguments or heavy discussions and try to focus more on the job you have to do. Try to stay away from groups and individuals who may be panicking or acting uptight under the stress of the exam. Exam day is not the day for cramming. It is the day when you go over light notes and points to warm up. Just remember to keep it cool.

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