We know that when you get your monthly allowance or you are rewarded for chores you’ve done around the house, your first thought is to #TreatYoself to that new pair of shoes or that Chocolate Whipped Frappuccino.

In reality, saving is the real treat. This list will help you find the perfect money management app to make your life 10 times easier. Best of all these apps are free!


1. Dollarbird

Dollarbird’s a personal finance-tracker available for iOS and Android users. It helps you track and forecast your money quite easily.

This app is your complete, flexible money handling tool that helps you put your money where it matters!

Dollarbird helps you:

  • Find out where you spend your money
  • Make a plan and project how much money you’ll have in the future
  • Get reminders for monthly bills

Those who enjoy a sleek and easy to use design will love this app’s functionality.


2. Monny

If you’re looking for a creative and fun way to track your funds, all while widening your sense of money, then Monny is the app for you!

Monny will help you to build the most important skills needed for your personal finance. Monny helps you:

  • Manage your money
  • Manage unnecessary spending
  • Build your dreams

The only downside is that at the moment, this app is only available for iOS users. So Android users have a little while to wait.

3. Left for Spending

Minimalists will love the simple and effective money managing interface of Left for Spending. If you’re not interested in all the different bells and whistles that can make a finance app feel overwhelming, this app is perfect for doing the very basic math that you need to stay out of debt.

Left for Spending lets you:

– Set a maximum spending amount per day. This amount will be added to your budget, every day, at the time you have set.

– Subtract the amount that you have spent, from your budget

–  See your daily budgets

Sorry iOS users, but this app is only available for Android users. There is however a backup app called Left to Spend, available on the app store for $3.99 US.

4. Spent


This app is for those groups of friends who love to go out for food together but dread calculating how to split the bill. Spent’s well-organised interface helps you keep track of who paid for what, and is great for use when on holidays with friends or for managing the daily expenses with roommates.

If you in turn use cash, No problem! Spent lets you manually enter any cash expenses.

The app also automatically creates an eReceipt for all purchases under $75 of your local currency!

Get Spent! For both iOS and Android devices.

Now let’s get to saving!


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