CAPE is pressure. Anyone who’s been through the rigorous two-year exam process knows it. Gone are the days when Lower 6 was a breeze, a chance to recover from the “trauma” of CXC. Now, if you decide to do CAPE, you’re facing heavy exams for three years running.

That kind of stress can be difficult to handle at age 17 or 18. Thankfully, with a smartphone in every pocket, some of that pressure can be easier to manage if you make sure to utilise these three great apps.

My Homework Student Planner

CAPE might mean that you only take four subjects, but the work never stops. With My Homework Student Planner, you can input your assignments, detail which classes and which teachers they are for, and create alerts to help you get the assignments completed in time.

The app will even remind you which assignments are upcoming, which are late, let you assign priority levels to your homework, and even let you sort your homework by class. The best part? If any of your teachers also use the app, they can sync their class assignments directly to their students, meaning you’ll never be out of the loop if you have to miss a day of school.

Available for iPhone and Android.


IA’s are never fun, but one of the hardest parts of getting them done is the initial research and data collection process. Evernote’s clipper can help you scour the Web and organise your research in a way that makes sense. You can create separate folders for each IA and add labels to help you organise your research by theme. It will help you keep track of “that one article you read that time that directly dealt with the topic you’re writing about.” It’s also a great way to get some work done during downtime in the car or on the way to school. And when you’re ready, all the information is accessible from your online account when you’re ready to start writing.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Google Drive

Some students just aren’t good at sitting down to work, but the work still has to get done. With Google Drive, you can work on your homework assignments on the go, even if you don’t feel like sitting down at a desk to do them. Write your Spanish essays or work on your history presentation wherever you are, and never again worry that you won’t get home in time after lessons to finish your assignments and watch “Scandal.” The best part about Google Drive is that all of your documents will be backed up to the Web automatically. You’ll never again have to worry about losing your work at the last minute.

Available for iPhone and Android.

CAPE is difficult, but it’s doable. With these apps, it might even be possible to get through it without losing your mind.

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