Struggling with studying? Don’t worry, we called in some expert help to set you on the right track.

We asked Bishop Anstey High School (POS) teacher Eshe Marcellin to give you some solid advice. “Strong study skills are needed for success in school and in life,” says Marcellin. “Studying requires a multifaceted approach. It is not only important to study hard, but smart.”

Here are 10 crucial tips from Mrs. Marcellin that’ll help you hack this studying thing, once and for all.

  1. Motivation is vital. Learning starts with you; you must be the driver of your learning and success. It starts with you, so own it!
  2. Know your learning style. Everyone learns differently.
  3. Take advantage of every learning opportunity you can find. This can include reading materials, class discussion, even constructive conversation with peers.
  4. Be task-oriented. It’s more about completing a specific task than long, unproductive “study time.”
  5. When it comes to studying, know yourself. Figure out the best time and place for you to study.
  6. Communication is key. Learning is about interaction between teacher and student, so you’ve got to actively participate. When in doubt, ask!
  7. Extra-curricular activities are extremely important, so get involved. Extra-curricular activities develop other strengths that complement good learning.
  8. Repetition is how we retain. Most of what you remember is through constant interface, so read material over and over again, and use q-cards. Do not cram!
  9. Active studying is more effective than passive studying. Use whiteboards, mind maps and flowcharts. This is critical in subjects that require things such as diagrams and processes.
  10. Time management is everything. Make proper use of your time. Do not procrastinate!